Inhalation Drug Delivery Summit, 2021

Strategic Development, Commercialization, & Emerging Applications

December 7-8, San Diego, CA

Why Attend:

  • Two days of presentations, panel discussions, and networking
  • Industry experts share their knowledge and lessons learned
  • Learn strategies to overcome formulation development challenges
  • How to implement human factor studies in device design
  • Gain insight into how to bring inhalation products to market

Highlights of Inhalation Drug Delivery 2021

*Rapid Development of an Inhaled Antiviral Therapy Against Coronavirus

~Dr. Hugh D. Smyth, Professor, University of Texas at Austin

*Non-viral Pulmonary Delivery of RNA Via Nebulization

~Dr. Ju Du, Research Scientist, AstraZeneca

*Challenges & Potential Alternative Approval Pathways for Generic Suspension-based Nasal Sprays

~Dr. Guenther Hochhaus, Professor, University of Florida

*Overcoming Challenges in Bringing Inhalation Delivery Products to Market

~Dr. David Cipolla, VP of Research, Insmed, Inc.

*Demystifying the Regulatory Environment for Combination Products

~George Cusatis, Director of Drug Devices and Digital Health, Merck

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