Combination Products Virtual Summit 2020

July 28-29, 2020, Online, Eastern Daylight Time

Regulators in North America and Europe are requiring stricter standards for the manufacture and safety testing for combination product delivery devices. This two-day summit features expert insight into the complex quality, safety, and regulatory compliance issues facing the combination product market. Pharma Ed's Combination Products Virtual Summit 2020 provides comprehensive coverage of current and future trends in combination products and delivery devices for drugs, biologics and medical devices.

Featuring In-Depth Coverage On:

  • Determining Appropriate Regulatory Pathways for Post-market Changes, Essential Performance Requirements (Erps), Control Strategies, Life Cycle Management and Platforming
  • Post-approval device changes and New EU MDR 117 Requirements: Implication for Combination Products
  • Preparing for the Digitalization Trend in Combination Product Use and Design
  • Integrated Approach and Strategy in Developing Drug/Biologic/Device Combination Products
  • Wearable Devices and the Changing Paradigm in Drug Delivery and Combination Product Development
  • Leveraging the Capabilities of Human Factor Engineering in Digital, Connected Health and Drug/Biologic Applications
  • Application and Characterization of Biodegradable Polymers as a Drug Delivery Conduit in Combination Products
  • Application of Mathematical Modelling in Design and Validation of Drug/Biologic/Device Combination Products
  • Combination Product Development: Real World Challenges for a Pharmaceutical Organization
  • A System-Wide Approach to Stability of Combination Products
  • Translation of User Research to Actionable Product Specification
  • Control Strategy and Design Transfer for Pharmaceutical Delivery Device Combination Products
  • Integrated Development and Risk Management Process for Combination Products
  • Post-market Safety Reporting: An End to End Approach

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