Canna-Pharma East

Advancing the Science of Medicinal Cannabis Through GMP, Regulatory Compliance, and Emerging Therapeutic Applications

March 18-19, 2020, Sheraton Silver Spring, MD

The cannabis market is booming. Nevertheless, the state of scientific knowledge on medicinal cannabis remains immature, and the regulatory environment in North America fragmented and contested. That is why you cannot afford to miss Pharma Ed's Canna-Pharma East. This two-day event will explicitly link current knowledge and practice in the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries, providing a forum for scientific dialogue and collaboration aimed at advancing best practices in this growing market. Research scientists, analytical experts, drug developers, drug device manufactures, validation experts, cannabis cultivators and labs, and public policy makers will come together to advance the science of cannabis.

Why Attend:

  • Two full days of presentations, panel discussions, and networking
  • Over 20 industry experts share their knowledge and lessons learned
  • Full coverage of best practices in Cannabis product development & regulatory compliance
  • Key insights from industry working groups-USP, ASTM, AOAC, and NCIA
  • From lab-bench to clinical trials: unlocking the therapeutic potential of cannabis products

Highlights of Canna-Pharma East:

*Cannabis Genetics: The Path to Better Medicinal Cannabis

~Reggie Gaudino, Front Range Biosciences

*The Intersection Between Human Genetics and Cannabis

~Len May, EndoCanna Health

*Latest Trends in Micropropagation

~Hope Jones, CEO, Adivina Biosciences

*Cannabis Testing in a Rapidly Changing Industry

~Susan Audino, AOAC Cannabis Working Group

*The Present & Future of Cannabis Regulation

~Jeffrey Raber, The Werc Shop

What People Are Saying about Canna-Pharma!

"An amazing program . . .very engaging & greatly informative. Covered areas not well represented yet in Canna events."
~ Assoc. Director, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

"Excellent Speakers & Content."
~ Packaging Consultant, Chubby Gorilla

"Very educational & great speakers on the technical side."
~ Business Development Manager, Extract Technology

"Great speakers, 1st class event all the way around!"
~ General Manager, Avient Biosciences

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